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Who we are

Technology offers amazing opportunities for the fitted, but can also leave many of us behind - those who lack the ability to discern, those who don’t have the required competencies, or the appropriate tools.

As passionate technology specialists, we believe our first responsibility is to make the superpowers of technology accessible to the people.

We want to give them the freedom to play their own game. We do this by providing Tech Education for Executives, Code Bootcamps for the Brave, and, most of all, Software for bold merchants.

As colleagues, we believe our second responsibility is to build a great company: the kind of organization that will make us all want to contribute to over the long run. We want to attract awesome colleagues, open exciting challenges for each of us, develop a strong sense of ownership, and grow through mentoring and mutual support.

By joining us, we expect that you contribute actively to these two responsibilities and follow our Code of Conduct.

Web Developer

(Front and/or Back and/or Ops)

You have a real passion for learning. You’re curious, you like to challenge the status quo and ask "why?" or "how could I improve this?". You love playing around with technology, and aren’t afraid to admit it. You’ve always been great at solving problems. You believe that you can have a positive impact on the world through the use of technology, and want to help make that happen. Finally, and more importantly, you are doer and want to ship real things to end users.

We don’t expect you to be an expert, but we will put your skills and knowledge to the test in our interview process, so be prepared for that. We love students of all disciplines and people switching into tech careers — all you need is love for technology and a passion for learning. We’ll take care of the rest.

What we offer

  • A noob friendly environment with mentoring from experts in Frontend, Backend, Architecture and Ops in which you will learn new things and hone your skills. And if we don’t have the answer, and this is totally ok, we will go look for the experts where they are. (We mean itLast time it occured, we flew two people to the other side of the earth for a full week to the best conference and training on the subject.)

  • We don’t do bureaucracy or hierarchy, so you will have a lot of autonomy, hence responsibility. The only formalism we have is that you work in pair with another developper that changes every week. Your pair is the first person you need to go to if you have a question or for your Pull Requests. This means that you also have to be available for your pair when the need arises. We believe, as Lego CEO said: « Blame is not for failure but for failing to help or ask for help ».

  • We deeply believe that anything that is not written is lost so we have a strong « written culture ». Everything we do is stored in GitHub Issues or in documentationsAsciidoc & Mardown. This doesn’t mean that we don’t like to discuss things together (IRL or Slack), it just means that we write it down afterwards.

  • Our fast project delivery processTrunk Based Development, Strong Emphasis on Tests, CI, CD, Review Apps, No Staging, No long-lived branches. will make you quickly see the impact of your work.

  • You will connect the business needs to the software that we build meaning we don’t do layersHumans or software. between us and the people using our products.

  • We are lucky to be in partnership with an exceptional and experienced worldwide company and are perfectly aligned with their values and objectives.

  • You will have real travel opportunities over the world to meet with our clients and end users or simply attend conferences.

  • Our business was created by technologists, which means technology is the key driver to our success.

  • We have great ambitions, and we are committed to building the best products.

  • We’re a big believer in diversity. We build software for a wide variety of people so we believe that a wide variety of people should build our software.

What we’re looking for

  • Be familiar with at least one of Elixir, Node.js, Go, React, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes to build new features, applications, and services.

  • Web development experience with Phoenix & Elixir, Node.js or a major Web FrameworkRuby on Rails, Django, Symfony, etc….

  • Willingness to write high quality TestsUnit/Integration/EndToEnd for the code you produce.

  • Eager to learn any of the next technologies that will disrupt our technical stack in the coming months: TypeScript, gRPC, Protobuff and Service Mesh.

  • Strong working knowledge of modern JavaScript libraries, such as React.js.

  • Enough knowledge of HTML & CSS to make our interfaces reflect on the outside the quality of the software inside.

  • Solid relationalPostgreSQL is a plus but not required database experience.

  • A strong appetite for learning and an ability to leverage what you learn to make our products better.

  • A friendly, flexible, and pragmatic disposition. We’re not looking for a lone genius but someone that will work well within a team. We don’t have time for jerks.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills in English is a requirement, French is a plus but not mandatory, Thaï or Korean is really nice but any other language is always a bonus.

If after reading this, some parts make you feel you are not qualified enough to apply, we’d still like to hear from you.